In response to concerns for COVID-19 and the North Carolina Government’s steps to reduce exposure to the virus, we are now offering Live-Streaming video of the services at Freedom Baptist.

Due to the concerns of privacy, the live-stream is password protected. Please click the image below to access the video if you already have an account.

If you are a member of Freedom Baptist Church and do not have an account, please use the contact form here to request an account – open registration has been disabled at this time.

Please note, we are not approving all account requests due to privacy reasons. If you are recognized to be part of our congregation, we will accept your request and create the account for you. If you are not recognized to be part of our normal congregation, we may ask for additional identity confirmation prior to approval.

Please do not share your account username or password with others (outside of your immediate family). If we see multiple connections from your account from multiple locations/cities, this may result in loss of access for your account.

Account creations as a manual process may take 2-4 days to create.